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Frequently asked questions

How to choose your exact shoe size?

In the product description is a chart, which will help you measure your shoe size. You should measure the length of your foot in the night by putting you heel against the wall and measuring the distance from the wall to your toes. Nevertheless – every shoe is a bit different, every manufacturer is different as well as the style of the shoe. To get the most accurate size, we recommend contacting us via Instagram, Facebook or send us an email


If the size does not match?

We recommend contacting us, so we could find the best way to exchange your product. You can also visit our stores to try on the shoes. Our stores: Solarise Keskus – Eestonia pst 9, Old Town – Suur-Karja 2 Kuressaare – Tallinna 14 Pärnu – Port Artur II (2nd floor)



If I’m not sure, weather the product fits me?

If you are not sure of the product and would like to try it on first, don’t hesitate to contact us via Instagram, Facebook or email ( We will book you your desired shoes, so you could come and try them on.


If the product or package is damaged?

If you receive a damage package or product (water damage, dirty, bruised), contact us immediately via email

In case of a damaged product, also add a picture of the defect. When returning the goods, the claim sheet has to be completed and the product will go through an expertise. If a defect caused by the manufacturer is detected, then the cost of the product is refunded to the buyer by bank transfer within 7 business days